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Commercial Ceiling Cleaning

In addition to our full range of business services, Penn Jersey is a proud Ceiling Pro practitioner. We offer commercial ceiling cleaning services to Schools, Colleges and Universities, as well as businesses of all sizes. From large premises to industrial sites, restaurants, hotels and more, our ceiling cleaning services ensure your commitment to hygienic and clean premises goes beyond what’s underfoot.

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A clean workplace is a safe workplace, and the same goes for premises with high customer footfall. Providing a fully hygienic and clean environment for your customers or clients ensures better first impressions and a better place to work. Our Before and After Shots Page shows just how effective our cleaning can be.

Our professional and commercial ceiling cleaning services are delivered by Penn Jersey as a Ceiling Pro practitioner. The services are suitable for many different types of ceiling and removes the need for unnecessary painting or tile replacement where a simple, effective clean would work instead. Ceiling Pro’s unique and specialized cleaning process helps to ensure hygienic and sanitized surfaces, with a particular focus on acoustical and textured ceiling and ceiling tiles.

Benefits of Ceiling Pro Commercial Ceiling Cleaning

Designed with acoustical and textured tiled ceilings in mind, opting for our commercial ceiling cleaning guarantees:

  • Great Value: rather than replacing tiles or painting to cover unclean tiles, professional ceiling cleaning is affordable and effective.
  • Maintain Acoustical Values: acoustical tiles are designed to absorb sound, but not if you paint over them.
  • Maintain Fire Resistance: fire safety should be a key concern for your business but again, painting over your ceiling can affect the fire resistance properties of the tiles. Our cleaning process doesn’t.
  • A Brighter Environment: boost the luminosity of your premises with our cleaning process. Energy conscious and removes the need for adding additional lighting fixtures or paint.
  • A Fully Disinfected, Sanitized and Deodorized Premises: well at least your ceiling will be! Cleaner, more hygienic and all-round better for business.
  • Nicotine, Grease, Soot and Dirt removed: whatever is marking or discoloring your ceiling, or process will remove it and return it to like-new quality.

We have worked with ceilings in exceptionally unclean conditions and returned them to their best. All our crews are experienced, well-trained, insured and bonded, guaranteeing quick and professional workmanship on your premises. Expect no mess, disruption or inconvenience for your business.

Hospital, Industrial and Commercial Ceilings

In the hospitals and medical sector, cleanliness cannot be ignored. Significant time and money are invested into hygiene in the medical industry.

Ceiling Restoration and Recoating

As an exclusive Ceiling Pro Practitioner, Penn Jersey can restore your acoustical ceiling to its best. Delivering like-new cleaning quality in a quick and no-mess process, ceiling restoration and recoating with Penn Jersey is efficient, effective and also great value.

Restaurant and Hotel Ceiling Cleaning

Restaurants, hotels and other businesses in the catering and leisure industry have some of the highest footfall of all. With high staff numbers necessary and huge numbers of patrons coming in and out on a daily basis, keeping clean is essential.

Ceiling Restoration

Restoring your facility’s ceiling to its best is possible without paint and full ceiling replacement. Our commercial ceiling cleaning will bring your ceiling back to like-new condition at a fraction of the cost of painting or replacement. As well as completely cleaning and removing stains, grease, mess and general grime, our cleaning process removes odors and is easily carried out in a single session, with only one coat needed. It’s non-toxic, creates no mess and can be used for other fixtures and fittings too including:

  • Stucco walls and ceilings
  • Sprayed Textured (popcorn/blown) ceilings
  • Glass or mirrored surfaces
  • Open metal beam structures
  • Vinyl (PVC) ceilings
  • Plaster ceilings
  • Awnings
  • Interior and exterior brick and stucco

Most businesses invest time and energy in ensuring their carpets, floors and even walls are cleaned but what about ceilings? The nature of acoustical tiles means they absorb dirt and nasty odors. Neither creates a great impression and can damage your business’ reputation if a client or customer realizes exactly how unclean your ceiling is. Our solution is quick, effective and affordable, maintaining the quality of your ceiling and even brightening the appearance of your premises.

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Higher Education, Industrial and Commercial Ceiling Cleaning

Acoustical and drop ceilings are found in practically every building you come across. Almost everywhere has at least one and in new-build higher education, industrial and commercial premises, they are prevalent. Penn Jersey can provide professional ceiling cleaning to higher education institutes, schools, colleges and businesses of all sizes. In some particular business areas, such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals and scientific sectors, sanitization and hygiene are paramount. What’s the point in keeping your surfaces, floors and even staff to strict rules on cleanliness if the ceilings aren’t treated the same? Rather than looking into replacement services when the tiles aren’t up to standard, speak to us about our cleaning process. As well as cleaning the tiles, our process ensures dirty vents, grids, and light fixtures are returned to their best too. The quality of your tiles is maintained, and you can expect to save up to 75% of the cost of replacement and 50% of the cost of painting.

Whatever industry area, we can work with you to deliver commercial ceiling cleaning. We can discuss your specific needs on a one-to-one basis but be sure, whether you’re operating a small factory or large commercial premises, we can get your ceilings back to their best.

Commercial Ceiling Cleaning for the Leisure Industry

The Leisure industry is subject to both high traffic in terms of customers and high levels of particularly absorbent dirt and grime. Whether your ceilings are stained with cigarette smoke, nicotine, and the general odors of a busy bar or restaurant, or it is your professional kitchen which has a grease-ridden ceiling, we can help.

Commercial ceiling cleaning is the ideal option for businesses in the leisure sector. Restaurants, bars, hotels and all similar businesses have tight margins to stick to. Your business may operate close to 24 hours a day and you can’t afford any downtime. This makes our easy and non-interruptive cleaning process a better option than painting or replacing your tiles.

Penn Jersey can provide regular ceiling cleaning services as required or individual one-off services as you need them. As a Ceiling Pro practitioner, we are highly experienced in using this unique cleaning process which both saves you money and massively enhances your ceiling’s look and feel, as well as fully cleaning and sanitizing it.

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