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Cleaning to Prevent and Limit the Spread of COVID-19

How can businesses keep clean and avoid the spread of Coronavirus infections

It is impossible to get through a single day without thinking about or being concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic. The outbreak and case numbers are tracked daily and businesses need to work to do all they can to minimize the spread of the condition. If COVID-19 affects your workplace, an extreme level of deep cleaning is essential and it is also important to review your cleaning protocols in advance to prevent the spread of the infection. There is currently no cleaning chemical or process which can deliver a continuous kill guarantee for the Novel Coronavirus and so vigilance in your cleaning is essential. If an infected person enters a decontaminated area, there is a risk of contamination and the virus returning.

Disinfection is key to managing the spread of the condition and limiting the infection spreading even further. The cleaning guidelines and information we’re providing below are suitable for all kinds of environment and can prevent the spread of communicable diseases and protect cleaning staff from infection, as well as the wider population. Special cleaning projects are something the professionals at Penn Jersey are here to help out with and we can work with you in the event of a COVID-19 infection on your premises, ensuring they are returned to a safe and hygienic standard.

Transmission of the Coronavirus Infection

The COVID-19 virus is mainly spread through droplet transmission from person-to-person in close contact. The virus can survive for long periods on surfaces and can be transmitted as a contact infection. This means it can be transmitted through the handling of materials or surfaces which have been contaminated by an infected person.

As we have been told by the media and health professionals regularly, the best way of minimizing the risk of infection on a day-to-day basis is hand hygiene and regular handwashing.

General Cleaning Protocol

Keeping your premises clean on a general level is something you can’t afford to skip. Protocol suggests cleaning should begin with the cleaning of the cleanest areas of the premises and then heading towards those which are dirtier. All surfaces and contact points which are frequently touched such a door handles, tabletops and faucets need particular attention. Further recommendations now suggest regularly handled materials and contact points should be cleaned as regularly as possible, as much as every 2-4 hours.

All cleaning staff are required to wear gloves and other protective equipment, to help minimize contact with any pathogens or similar. Mildly alkaline detergents are recommended for cleaning and gloves should be disposed off after use. Tight-fitting disposable gloves are the best choice and should be changed as regularly as required, definitely between changing between different areas when cleaning. Regular handwashing protocol should be followed as soon as the gloves are removed.

Specialist Cleaning for areas when COVID-19 Infection is Found

If you find out someone who works for you or someone who has been in your premises has been infected with COVID-19 then another level of cleaning protocol needs to be followed closely. Cleaning equipment used in any compromised area needs to be easy to wash or dispose of after use. Disposable equipment should be chosen wherever possible.

Cleaning should be carried out using normal methods as much as possible and again, an alkaline detergent should be used to keep on top of germ management. Commonly touched surfaces and sanitary facilities need to be fully disinfected and sanitized. Disposable cloths should be used to clear up any spills and be instantly disposed of once used a single time.

The disinfectant stage of the cleaning process is vital to removing the risk of bacterial spread and the virus becoming even more prevalent. Alcohol-based disinfectants are popular due to their potency and chlorine too is an effective chemical in disinfecting compromised areas, especially bathrooms and kitchens. Garbage bags and bins need to be removed as quickly as possible and taken away from the premises to further minimize risk.

Protecting yourself and Cleaning Staff from COVID-19

Cleaning staff are amongst those on the frontline of battling this pandemic, ensuring that areas are safe to use and fully hygienic should the virus be found. Cleaners such as our own teams are fully prepped to protect themselves and others, through the use of easy to clean workwear and footwear. This is in addition to PPE such as gloves and masks and long-sleeves at all times to avoid any contact with sputum or droplets due to the COVID-19 virus.

This is something we expect to provide for all of our cleaning staff to ensure they are as protected as possible. Beyond this, everybody should be doing all in their power to create a safe and hygienic environment, so work can get back to normal as quickly as possible. If you need any help or guidance with keeping your business clean while open over the coming weeks, get in touch!

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